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Sticky Post Test

This text is from the Sticky Post Test's Body tab. It should appear at the top of the home page if the entry is tagged @sticky. This post should NOT show up in the normal list of recent posts on the home page if it is tagged @sticky (because it will be at the top and duplication is bad). This text is from the Sticky Post Test's Extended tab. It should also appear at the top of the home page if this post is tagged @sticky.

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Test Post With List First

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Rounding his mouth and both his eyes, as he stepped backward from the table, the waiter shifted his napkin from his right arm to his left, dropped into a comfortable attitude, and stood surveying the guest while he ate and drank, as from an observatory or watchtower. According to the immemorial usage of waiters in all ages. When Mr. Lorry had finished his breakfast, he went out for a stroll on the beach. The little narrow, crooked town of Dover hid itself away from the beach, and ran its head into the chalk cliffs, like a marine ostrich. The beach was a desert of...

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Test Post With Extended Text

When the mail got successfully to Dover, in the course of the forenoon, the head drawer at the Royal George Hotel opened the coach-door as his custom was. He did it with some flourish of ceremony, for a mail journey from London in winter was an achievement to congratulate an adventurous person upon. By that time, there was only one adventurous person left be congratulated: for the two others had been set down at their respective roadside destinations. The damp inside of the coach, with its damp and dirty straw, its disagreeable smell, and its obscurity, was rather like a larger dog-kennel....

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