Month: February 2021

What is an R-1 visa?

If you're an immigrant looking to move to Indiana, an R-1 visa may allow you to relocate to the United States. An R-1 visa enables you to move to the U.S. and work for a religious organization. However, you'll have to meet a few qualifications before your employer can apply on your behalf. What an R-1 visa accomplishes The United States issues R-1 visas to qualified workers as part of its employment-based immigration policies. To qualify for an R-1 visa, you'll have to work for a nonprofit religious organization in the U.S. You'll also have to be a member of a religious group with a...

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What family members can apply for visas with skilled workers?

Receiving a promotion or a project offer can be an incredible employment opportunity. If you need to enter the United States to do your job, your entire life could change in a matter of months. Once you have a career opportunity that involves working in the United States, you will have to apply for a visa. You need this critical document to enter and work in the U.S. Securing an employment visa will require the support of the company that you work for, a background check, a medical exam and a lot of paperwork. It may also require that you talk with your family members about relocating to a...

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