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Will a new presidency bring changes in work visa grants?

As presidential administrations change, the question for many immigrants is whether they will be allowed work visas. This has been a frequent topic of debate during the past four years, and it appears that many foreign nationals will be filing for a wide variety of visas across the board even beyond employment. However, there may still be a problem for those wanting legal entry into the United States or those in Indiana awaiting authorization. The current policy may not be ripe to change given the current economic condition.

Need for status quo maintenance of immigrationX policy

According to a recent publication on current events in immigration law, there is still a contested argument between supporters and detractors regarding high-volume allowance of immigrant workers in the U.S., including in tech. The tech industry has actually been at the center of much of the debate, largely based on the Trump Administration position disallowing Chinese nationalists into the country even for employment purposes. The overall climate may maintain these restrictions.

Will Biden change policy?

While it does appear that Biden will have the ball in his court on this issue, many of the established bureaucrats in the immigration system are saying the climate is not conducive to a wholesale reversal of policy. It is not necessarily because of health concerns but more so because of high unemployment in the United States until the economy and life in general return to some modicum of normalcy. This could easily tie Biden’s hands in reversing policy.

Trump’s executive order actions have assuredly impacted immigration attorneys in Indiana who seek options for legal entry into the U.S. for their clients, and this may still continue in the near future. However, there may be light at the end of the tunnel for those who want work visas to earn a living in the United States.