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Requirements for an intracompany transferee

There are cases in which a foreigner is asked or wants to work within the United States. Everyone has to obtain a work visa if they want to work in Indiana or another state on a temporary or permanent basis. Many of these foreigners are already working for a subsidiary, affiliate, parent or branch of a U.S. company. These intracompany transferees would be eligible for what is called an L-1 visa. Read on to learn more about L-1 visas and the requirements that an intracompany transferee must meet to obtain one.

What are L-1 visas?

These visas are provided to intracompany transferees who are seeking to work within the United States. The L represents the intracompany transferee who must have been working with the company for at least one year. In addition, immigration laws state that the employee must also hold what is called a “specialized knowledge” position within the company. These are special skills that either are in short supply within the U.S. or nonexistent. It is important to note that there are two categories involved with the L-1 visa:

  • L-1A: Includes managers and executives
  • L-1B: Specialized knowledge professionals

Spousal employment

In many cases, individuals coming to the U.S. to work under the L-1 visa want to come with their spouse. An added benefit of the L-1 visa is that the spouse of the visa holder is allowed to work within the U.S. and thus provided an L-2 spouse visa.

As you can see from the information above, there are many components to acquiring this type of visa. It’s recommended to seek the services of an immigration attorney in order to ensure that you are submitting the proper paperwork.