Month: January 2021

Visas for health care workers

Health care workers in Indiana and around the country are at a premium. According to the New American Economy, there are 27 open positions for every health care worker who is unemployed. While many of those positions are in rural areas, there are positions available across the United States. Approximately 18% of America’s health care workers hold an H1-B visa. Those with an H1-B visa may want to help, but many cannot. Since there is a low cap on the number of H1-B visas issued, employers can turn to other solutions for help. What is an H1-B visa? An H1-B visa allows workers with at least a...

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Will a new presidency bring changes in work visa grants?

As presidential administrations change, the question for many immigrants is whether they will be allowed work visas. This has been a frequent topic of debate during the past four years, and it appears that many foreign nationals will be filing for a wide variety of visas across the board even beyond employment. However, there may still be a problem for those wanting legal entry into the United States or those in Indiana awaiting authorization. The current policy may not be ripe to change given the current economic condition. Need for status quo maintenance of immigrationX policy According to...

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