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Obtaining an O2 visa

The United States offers a wide array of visas to those wanting to come into the country. One of the possibilities for entry to Indiana and states across the country is the O2 visa, which is part of a number of O visas that help those with extraordinary abilities in various fields come into the U.S with their families and personnel. O visas include O1, O2 and O3.

What is an O2 visa?

The O2 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows a talented individual to bring their personnel with them. This may apply to those working within the TV or film industry. However, it should be noted that this does not apply to those within education, business industry or science fields. The U.S. deems those holding an O2 visa to be incredibly talented and thus need people around them to ensure that they succeed once in the U.S. According to immigration law, those with O1A or O1B visas may be able to bring their staff if they are also able to acquire an O2 visa.

Requirements for an O2 visa

In order to acquire an O2 visa, you as the assistant to the O1 visa holder must ensure that you meet some requirements before applying. The first one begins by proving that you are indeed critical to the O1 visa holder’s success. You must also prove that you will only work in the U.S. and return to your country of origin once the work is done. This can be proven by showing that you have a permanent residence within your home country.

How to apply for the visa

Before you submit any form to the U.S. Embassy, it is critical that your employer first send out their application to the embassy. It is only then that you and the O1 visa holder can begin to craft and submit your application.

Although the process can seem straightforward, the fact is that obtaining a U.S. visa can often be complex and frustrating. It may be beneficial to seek legal aid in order to ensure that your application is created and submitted properly.