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How military family members can obtain citizenship

There are current immigration laws in place that allow for the spouses and children of United States service members to gain naturalization even outside of the U.S. For the children of these brave men and women, there are pathways to automatically becoming a United States citizen. Service members and their families in Indiana should become familiar with some basic information about this process.

Naturalization overseas for spouses

The law allows for spouses who have achieved Lawful Permanent Resident, or LPR, status to be granted permanent residency without having to return to the states if they are married to U.S. military members. Some criteria must be met, but this law expedites the process and removes the travel requirements for spouses to achieve naturalization.

Naturalization overseas for children

If children who meet the required criteria have not been granted citizenship under INA 320 can do so under INA 322 instead without having to travel back to the United States for any part of the process. Much like the case with military spouses, there are several ways in which this process can be expedited, and children can even be granted automatic citizenship.

There is a lengthy process associated with transitioning from being a naturalized citizen to full citizenship. It is a long process that requires a great deal of work, including a multitude of forms that must be filled out for either a spouse or a child of a service member.

Due to the length and legality of this process, it is always wise to work with an attorney who is well-versed in immigration law. A lawyer can help prepare his or her client for any interviews that may be conducted, guide the person through the filling out of forms and represent him or her in every legal aspect of the process.