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ICE to target sanctuary cities

Indiana residents may have heard that in September, the Trump Administration began planning to conduct a variety of immigration enforcement operations across sanctuary cities. The operations will be carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. These operations will occur within certain cities of California as well as Denver and Philadelphia. There have been speculations that the operations will stretch out into other states in the country too.

When will these operations occur?

The Homeland Security secretary is reportedly planning to be present within these locations when the operations occur. When asked by the Washington Post regarding the timeline of these events, the secretary replied by saying that he never discusses the tactics nor timeline of these types of operations with the public.

Sanctuary cities and the law

One of the reasons why sanctuary cities are so controversial is because of their strict stance against working with law enforcement departments such as ICE. This is practiced by preventing local law enforcement from providing any information regarding the location of undocumented immigrants. For example, the city may forbid police from informing ICE when an undocumented immigrant is being released from police custody so that ICE does not begin the process of charging and removing the person from the country.

Both sides of the aisle

Supporters of these types of sanctuary city policies approve of them because they believe it leads to a better relationship between undocumented immigrants and the police. However, opponents that it encourages local police to let go of known criminal undocumented immigrants, possibly leading to further crimes.

Immigration law can be complex, so it is helpful to be informed and obtain legal representation for yourself. Doing so may help you reach a more favorable result for yourself and your family.