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DACA recipients file lawsuit against Trump immigration policies

Undocumented immigrants in Indiana and the rest of America who benefitted from the protections provided by the Obama administration through the DACA program are banding together to fight against an effort by the Trump Administration to weaken the program.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

The Obama-era Immigration program began in 2012 and protected immigrants who arrived in America illegally as children from deportation. The Supreme Court shot down an attempt by the Trump Administration to end the program outright in the summer of 2020.

A month or so after the Supreme Court ruling, the Department of Homeland Security said it would continue policy under Trump of not accepting new DACA applicants. The Department also said it would only allow current applicants to renew their involvement with the program in one-year increments instead of the two years decided on by the previous administration. Activists cried fouls at the move and say it is a deliberate attempt to ignore the Supreme Court’s decision.

DACA recipients partnered with the advocacy group Make the Road New York at making a new complaint to the court regarding the policies set forth by Homeland Security. The coalition urged the court to block the regulations and characterized them as “illegal, cruel, and heartless.

The complaint also criticizes the Trump administration for confusing the people affected by the Supreme Court decision with claims that the court’s decision had no legal foundation. Advocates say the administration then increased the confusion by refusing to abide by the provisions of the court.

Dealing with the complex maze of laws and regulations that govern immigration policies in the United States is no easy task. These tasks become more complicated once you factor in the constant changes that take place with these policies. Individuals who are unsure regarding immigration policy or have questions that pertain to their immigration status may be able to find the answers they need through an experienced immigration attorney.