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Some Indiana ‘green card’ renewals require reverification

Federal immigration law does not automatically require an employer of a lawful permanent resident (LPR) to reverify that worker’s credentials. The U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security on May 15 issued a notice that clarifies when job providers need to seek employment-eligibility reverification to maintain LRP-workers’ eligibility to continue working and living in Indianapolis and other parts of the United States. Continues legal iimmigration only requires LPR reverification in limited instances.

Three scenarios require reverification

Federal law can be confusing but can make sense when explained by an attorney who is experienced in immigration law. The May 15 federal notice says employment eligibility verification for LPR applicants needs to be done only in cases involving:

  • An expired LPR card and notice of action on a validation
  • An expired I-551 stamp or recent issuance of the I-94 or I-94A arrival-departure record.
  • A Machine-Readable Immigrant Visa with an expired CR-1 or I-551 stamp

When the above irregularities arise, the worker must affirm employment verification via the provided process. Federal law says workers can choose which types of employment verification they provide with their respective Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification filings. Those who might be unsure whether their current LPR papers require verification can obtain timely legal assistance.

Legal help is available in Indianapolis

A long list of suitable documents will affirm a worker’s employment eligibility verification. The long list, though, can create confusion among filers and lead to mistakes that might lead to bad consequences for the filers and their families. An experienced immigration attorney in Indianapolis can help ensure proper papers are filed and all federal regulations are satisfied with the documents intended to affirm a worker’s eligibility for continued permanent legal residency status.