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Green card renewal denial is on the rise

In Indiana and across the U.S., the likelihood of immigrants being denied a green card renewal has been on the rise. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services reports that it rejects roughly 8% of green card applications and petitions. Thousands more green card renewal applications are denied by the USCIS.

Specifically, the USCIS denied an average of 30,242 green card renewal applicants per year during fiscal years 2016-2017. For fiscal years 2018-2019, the average shot up to 103,140 applicants per year that were denied green card renewals. When an applicant is denied a green card renewal, the USCIS keeps the filing fees, which have increased over 300% during the last 20 years.

Under immigration law, the top four reasons that the USCIS denies green card renewal under Form I-90 include committing a crime, lying on the renewal application, having a removal order placed prior to renewal and using the wrong form for green card renewal.

Those applicants who have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor conviction should take care when filing for green card renewal. These crimes could represent a deportable offense for the renewal applicant. It is also important for a renewal applicant to be truthful on the application as lying to USCIS officers is against the law. No renewal applicant who has been ordered removed or deported by a judge, has signed a stipulated removal order or has been subject to Expedited Removal paperwork will be eligible for green card renewal.

An immigration law attorney may help expedite the green card renewal process and assist the applicant in avoiding potential deportation when he or she has been convicted of a crime prior to renewal. There is no simple list of crimes resulting in deportation, which may make an attorney a critical help line.