Month: May 2020

Green card renewal denial is on the rise

In Indiana and across the U.S., the likelihood of immigrants being denied a green card renewal has been on the rise. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services reports that it rejects roughly 8% of green card applications and petitions. Thousands more green card renewal applications are denied by the USCIS. Specifically, the USCIS denied an average of 30,242 green card renewal applicants per year during fiscal years 2016-2017. For fiscal years 2018-2019, the average shot up to 103,140 applicants per year that were denied green card renewals. When an applicant is denied a green card...

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How the immigration freeze will affect employment visas

Foreign nationals may be affected by immigration changes announced by the United States government on April 21. The H1-B and EB-5 visas are both exempt from the changes, but individuals who wish to move to Indiana on either of these visas may encounter other obstacles. Danger for the H-1B visa? The immigration freeze, which is supposed to last for 60 days, does not affect several other categories, including science and health professionals working on COVID-19 as well as spouses and eligible family members of lawful permanent residents and citizens. However, the U.S. government's focus on...

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Draft executive order tightens restrictions on H-1B worker visas

Employers in Indiana with foreign technology workers in the country on the H1-B visa program may soon face new restrictions and requirements. A draft executive order from President Donald Trump will place a stronger emphasis on protecting American workers. The executive order would call on technology workers already here with H1-B visas to submit updated information about their certifications. Their paperwork must indicate that they are not displacing Americans who could be doing their jobs. Additionally, the order calls for a suspension on approving entry for people seeking work visas for a...

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