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Employment-based visas for human resources professionals

Indiana has many opportunities for careers in human resources, and some foreign-born residents are highly skilled in this field. However, obtaining a work visa for a human resources job can be challenging. The human resources field is not a specialty occupation that requires an advanced degree, and the U.S. already has many qualified candidates for these jobs.

The immigration system in the U.S. sets aside special work visas for immigrants that can fill jobs that U.S. citizens cannot fill. The majority of recipients of visas like the H-1B and the EB-2 work in the information technology field. When an applicant applies for a work visa through a specific employer, the Department of Labor must be convinced that there are no U.S. citizens who are qualified for the job and that the foreigner’s employment would not adversely affect U.S. citizens working in the same field.

A talented human resources professional may still have a chance of obtaining a work visa if they have specialized skills. If getting a work visa this way is not possible, the individual may decide to work in another field that is more in demand when they first move to the U.S. Another option is to obtain residency by immigrating through family connections if that is possible.

An immigration lawyer may be able to help an individual find all of the solutions that are available to them. If employment-based immigration is not possible, a lawyer may help an individual look into other visa options such as a student visa or a family visa. If an individual was already denied a visa, an immigration lawyer may be able to help him or her to file an appeal.