Month: April 2020

Training or special education programs with H-3 visas

Foreign nationals who want to come to Indiana to participate in specific types of training programs might be eligible for H-3 visas. These types of visas are designed for people who want to get training or special education that is not available to them in their home countries. The training cannot be in the medical field. People who want to participate in a training or special education program in the U.S. with H-3 visas are not able to directly petition for the visas on their own. They must first apply to the training or special education program and be admitted. The institution that is...

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Employment-based visas for human resources professionals

Indiana has many opportunities for careers in human resources, and some foreign-born residents are highly skilled in this field. However, obtaining a work visa for a human resources job can be challenging. The human resources field is not a specialty occupation that requires an advanced degree, and the U.S. already has many qualified candidates for these jobs. The immigration system in the U.S. sets aside special work visas for immigrants that can fill jobs that U.S. citizens cannot fill. The majority of recipients of visas like the H-1B and the EB-2 work in the information technology field....

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