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Russian chess grandmaster having trouble getting visa to US

If you have had to apply for a U.S. employment-based visa, you know that the process can take a long time. Your application must have all the proper documents and forms to guarantee approval. And immigration officials will take time to go over all the forms to make sure you qualify.

But for Russian chess grandmaster Anatoly Karpov, the process is taking longer than usual. He has waited since March for visa approval to teach at a chess summer camp in the U.S. Now with fall approaching, he still waits for approval.

Karpov’s visa application still in process

Karpov applied for a visa in March. The Chess Max Academy invited him to teach a summer camp to chess students. Karpov has taught at the academy for the last two years. And he has visited the U.S. on different non-immigrant visas since 1972. Associates of Karpov say that he has never had trouble with getting visas before now.

Offices of two different U.S. Congress members have reached out to the U.S. Embassy in Russia to try and expedite Karpov’s visa application. But so far, the embassy has said the application is still in process.

Visas for non-US citizens difficult to get

Applying for employment-based visas can be complex. Immigration officials have a strict process for approving applications. There are many necessary documents required. If a non-U.S. citizen applies for a visa to work in the U.S., both the applicant and the applicant’s employer will need to fill out multiple forms confirming the employment status. Those applying may need an attorney to confirm that all necessary paperwork is completed.

Many factors go into your visa approval. Even if you have all paperwork completed properly, changes within the State Department or a backlog of requests can cause a delay.