Karla Bledsoe

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Karla Bledsoe

Legal Assistant

As a Global Liaison Administrator, Karla has a wealth of experience in global networking. Karla provides services as a Global Liaison within the firm's Global Mobility Services Group. After earning her Communication/Journalism degree from IESB (Instituto de Educacao Superior de Brasilia) Karla immigrated to the United States. Karla's refined background includes Journalism for the Brazilian Press Newspaper in New Jersey and for Power Play Studios in New York. In 2008 Karla began working with an intellectual property consulting firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her work was interlaced with th e business market throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Karla's experience includes:

  • Providing intelligence to legal counsel for prosecution and civil actions;
  • Procurement of evidence;
  • Conducting Customs training;
  • Investigating and documenting market information on counterfeit and infringing;
  • Directing civil and criminal enforcement matters
  • Identifying, interviewing and selecting counsel in LATAM countries on behalf of U.S. clients;
  • Managing, directing, filing and the expansion of portfolios LATAM countries;
  • Collect necessary documents, ensuring due diligence compliance and template development;
  • Preparing Power of Attorney; affidavits/statements of activity/other country-specific documentation;
  • Managing timeliness of fillings, ongoing oversight of status of registrations and shepherding registrations through the registration process.

Karla is sensible to clients who speak Portuguese, English and Spanish - which is essential in bridging the gap between clients and immigration agencies. Additionally, Karla is a Brazilian national who immigrated to the United States in 2003. Karla has firsthand experience navigating through the complex immigration system in the United States. Comprehensibly, Karla's collaborative efforts are invaluable to the Moreno & Villarrubia LLP's Immigration and Global Mobility teams.