Ingrid Aviléz

Ingrid Avilez

Ingrid Aviléz


Ingrid Aviléz is a Senior Legal Assistant at Moreno & Villarrubia LLP where her knowledge and experience in complex immigration law has contributed to client satisfaction and favorable results. Her experience includes employment and family-based immigration, Naturalization, as well as waivers of inadmissibility, removal defense cases, and Visas for Victims of Criminal Activity.

Ingrid's educational studies range from Business & Personal Law, Sociology and Psychology to Performing Arts and other various forms of the Arts. Additionally, Ingrid has completed courses such as Diversifying Series and Cultural Diversity Classes that have positively impacted our diverse clientele. Ingrid is multiracial and a dual national of Honduras and Mexico, thus Ingrid understands the eminent concern of our diverse clientele and their rights.

She works tirelessly alongside Partner Attorneys, Marco Moreno & Tabitha Villarrubia to ensure the best results for our clients.

Ingrid stays connected with her community by working with local art collaboratives, political engagement organizations and church communities.

Ingrid is fluent in Spanish and the English language. Nevertheless, she avidly pursues fluency in the Italian and the French language to better serve our clients in a more direct manner.