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Spousal Maintenance And Division Of Assets

In addition to property division, divorcing couples may need to look at the question of spousal support maintenance or spousal support (also known as alimony). In divorce settlement negotiations, issues of property division and spousal maintenance may be used as factors to balance the final outcome. For example, a spouse who might be entitled to spousal maintenance or a share of retirement accounts might choose to accept real estate instead, as part of an asset distribution agreement.

There are numerous details regarding division of property that should be addressed in preparation for a divorce. Division of retirement accounts and what to do about a marital home that has an "upside down equity" situation are two other issues that often come up when married couples are approaching dissolution of marriage.

Child Custody And Child Support

When there are minor children whose parents are divorcing, child custody and child support will also be part of the final divorce decree. Child issues may be modifiable over time as children's needs and parents' situations change. We can advise and assist if you believe your children's parenting plans or support should be changed, even after the divorce.

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